Why Real Property Manager partnered with Rent360.com.au?

Why Real Property Manager partnered with Rent360.com.au

When I thought about launching Real Property Manager at the forefront of my vision was to offer a service unlike a traditional real estate agencies. Embracing the latest technology platforms in the property management industry to deliver better experiences for landlords, property investors and tenants was key to differentiate my offering.

Real Property Manager was one of the first property management companies that partnered with Rent360, Australia’s first online marketplace for property management that facilitates the connection between property investors and a network of handpicked, independent property managers who provide a full 360º property management service saving investors around 35% per year. Our partners supply the best added value service offerings such as insurance, marketing, photography packages and tax depreciation schedules at a lower cost due to bulk buying power. 

View this video for more insight on how Rent360 can work for you.