Covid 19 and Tenancy Management Principles

We are continuing to provide up to date information as it becomes available to help you deal with the COVID-19 pandemic-related changes in the rental management and  property industry. 
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Here are some useful references for you.

  1. Tenancy Hardship Application Form
  2. PICA Landlords Guide to Tenancy Management
  3. NSW Government Media Release Covid-19 Small Biz Assistance
  4. JobKeeper Payments Guide
  5. SME commercial leasing principals as announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison 7/4/2020
  6. Legal discussions about rent moratoriums (video)
  7. Federal minister for housing dispels some Covid 19 tenancy myths (video)
  8. No.8 Residential Tenancy COVID-19 Amendment Regulations 2020

As the situation changes constantly, please keep checking this page for further updates.