5 tips to help renters secure the property of their dreams

Do you always miss out on renting the house of your dreams? A highly competitive market means that securing a rental property can be a difficult process. By simply being prepared, organised and serious about your application you can quickly and easily act on any rental properties that you are interested in. Just like a job interview, you need to put your best self forward and make an impression quickly. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be well on your way to securing your dream rental property.

Be thorough

If it is a choice between two applicants and one hasn’t completed all the necessary paperwork, which one do you think the Real Estate Agent will choose? Managing rental properties is a busy job and often agents don’t have the time to chase missing information. So, if someone has shown that they are committed and diligent enough to complete all required information, then they will be chosen over someone that hasn’t. Make sure you check the application process with the agent before submitting your information to ensure that you have everything at hand.

Gather the evidence

At a minimum you will need to make available employment, financial, rental history/tenant database checks, personal referees and if self-employed at least 2 years tax returns. It may seem like a lot of information to supply for a rental application, but it’s just like a credit application, or applying for a home loan. A landlord and agent need to be sure that you are a suitable candidate in terms of being able to financially afford the property as well as responsible enough to look after it. After all, you are a stranger being allowed to live in someone else’s house!

Make a good impression

People make a judgement of you within the first 30 seconds of coming in contact with you. Think about how you could boost the chances of a positive impression with the agent. Speak to them before the open home and get to know them, be at the inspection early, dress well, have all the necessary information and application form complete, follow up with a phone call and be upfront about your situation.

Even if you miss out on the first house with this agent, you would have increased the likelihood that you will be considered for the next one as the agent will now know you.

Make your offer attractive

Besides making a good impression and completing the application process as requested, think about what could make your application stand out from the crowd.

If you are known to the agent, then a request to see the property before the open home with a completed application form in hand could be one way. Agents are busy people, so finding a perfect applicant prior to the first open home will be very attractive as it will save them a great deal of time.

Another option is offering more than what is being requested. An additional $20 per week over the asking rent would be attractive to a landlord, but other incentives could be payment of an extra week’s bond, paying one month rent in advance or increasing the contracted lease period.

All of these options decrease the risk to the landlord and increase the likelihood of your application being seen as favourable.

It’s not just about the paperwork

In this digital day and age your personal brand is on show everywhere. Social media is used by many agents these days to help determine what kind of renter you’ll be. Does your LinkedIn employment details match your application form? Is your Facebook full of party photos? Does Instagram show off all the expensive items you’ve just purchased? Have a think about what image your social media portrays of you and whether it shows that you would be a responsible renter.

With rental competition high, it’s important you maximise your chances of securing the property of your dreams. Sign up for alerts with Real Property Manager so you can be the first to hear about our rental properties as they come on the market. [link?]You can also apply online and save your details in one easy form. This makes applying for properties quicker and easier. Visit the tenants section of our website for more information.