Frequently Asked Questions & Our fees

What is an expert property manager?

A Wikipedia definition of an expert is "... a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. An expert can be believed, by virtue of credential, training, education, profession, publication or experience, to have special knowledge of a subject beyond that of the average person. The individual is usually a profound thinker distinguished for wisdom and sound judgment."

Real expertise must pass three tests.

  • First, it must lead to performance that is consistently superior to that of an average property manager.
  • Second, real expertise produces concrete results.
  • Finally, true expertise can be replicated and measured as far as performance.

Real Property Manager has the following attributes:-

  • 22 year hands on industry experience
  • marketed over 2,000+ rental properties
  • vetted over 3,000 tenancy applications
  • negotiated and signed over 2,500 leases
  • inspected and conducted over 1,700 property condition reports
  • performed over 5,000 maintenance and repair requests from tenants and landlords
  • project managed over 250 property renovations
  • litigated over 300 tenancy disputes

Aren't all property managers the same?

No, they are not and the service levels can range from exceptional to absolute disaster. Cheaper fees may be a draw card at the time of your selection but long term, this is not a wise strategy. Picking the wrong property manager can cost you thousands of dollars of financial loss and turn your life into a very stressful one. Aligning yourself with a quality property manager is an insurance policy in itself. The cliche of "you get what you paid for" sits firmly within the property management industry.

Which suburbs do you service?

Our aim is to service and bring in-house your whole Sydney property portfolio and as such we are currently servicing the following suburbs:-

Inner West Suburbs
Ryde area/Macquarie Park
Lower North Shore
Upper North Shore
Sydney CBD and City Fringes
Eastern Suburbs

How much does it cost to manage my property?

Most real estate agencies keep their fees hidden from view (browse their websites and see what we mean). They also complicate their fee structure, don't disclose their added fees (the hidden extras) until you're signing up with them and then play the negotiation game with you - or worse still, quickly reduce their fees because they cannot find or offer you a point of difference from their competitors. Reduced fees = reduced service levels. At Real Property Manager we don't hide anything from you and make everything as transparent as possible when it comes to our service.


"Our management fee structure rewards property investors who may have multiple properties requiring our management services"


What are our fees? (*add G.S.T.)  

*Letting fee (for a managed property):

Equal to the first week's rent

*Casual letting fee (landlord retains management of property):

1 weeks rent per 6 months term of lease

*Commercial/retail property leasing:

Equal to 1 calendar months rent + lease (up to 3 years) preparation cost. 

*Management fee (based on individual strata apartment, house, townhouse, retail shop or commercial suite) 

  • Single unit,apartment,townhouse or semi or house = 4.4%
  • 2 or more properties = 4.0%
  • 3 or more properties=3.3%
  • No other hidden or extra fees to manage such as bank charges, document preparation, postage and sundries, inspection fees or monthly and yearly financial statement fees provided you opt in to receive email only statements. Save paper and cost to you by going digital.

Legal representation at a tribunal or court

$99.00 per hour including documentation and case preparation.


11 x real estate websites (includes & - $250.00 per property till leased

For lease signboards (where possible/applicable) - free of charge

Corporate relocation agency contact - free of charge

Tenant database alerts - free of charge

Social media advertising - free of charge

Mailbox drops - free of charge


Professional photography enhances the look and browsing experience for prospective tenants. After all, in a competitive place like Sydney your property is competing for attention with many others. You get the use of the photos over and over again for letting purposes, provided no major cosmetic changes have occurred to the property.

Have a look at the difference between ordinary agent in-house photos and professional photography

Check out the latest statistics on photography from as voted by leading agents:-

  • attracts more tenants (89%)
  • increases inquiries (79%)
  • increased clicks to their online listings (68%)
  • secure a higher renting and selling price (52%)

Other marketing tools agents consider important are floor plans (84%), site plans (67%), copy writing (65%), virtual tours (63%), virtual furniture (56%) and property video (21%).


Professional photography package

5 x web sized shots = $130.00, additional photos at $25.00 each.


Property floor plans = $135.00

Virtual furniture = $65.00 per room

Professional video tours- $395.00



How long does it take to lease my property?

On average at Real Property Manager our leasing turnaround is 7-10 days. But the question should really be "how fast can you rent out my property?"

Acceleration to find the right tenant really ties into our philosophy of what we call "The three P's". This is... Price, Promotion and Presentation of your property. These are the most crucial elements in quicker turnaround time of leasing your property out. We will discuss with you all three factors before marketing begins.

Generally your property is listed and on the internet within 24 hours of obtaining the photography. There is no extra cost of time wasted in writing advertising copy. We already know what works well with marketing your property, so we just get on with it.

Also unlike other agents who wait to show your property after your tenants move out, we begin inspections two weeks prior to vacancy (as allowed by law), to minimise your vacancy period.


Repairs, maintenance and renovation?

Real Property Manager engages its own tradie crew that are strictly licensed and insured to carry on any work under their qualifications.  

We have a renovation crew on hand if landlords require any upgrade, cosmetic or structural to their property. Our turnaround times are very fast as priority is placed to minimise vacancy. 

Check out what we have done with this property in under 4 weeks....

Previous rent $600, post renovation rent $750, property revalued at $170,000 increase post a $40,000 spend.


Should I rent my property furnished?

There are certainly merits in furnishing your property. But the three major factors to consider are:

  • Your target market or availability of tenants
  • The location of your property and demand for furnished properties
  • Running costs

The types of tenants furnished property appeals to include executives, white collar professionals working on contract or families that may need an interim property whilst renovating their own home. Therefore the location of your property plays a big role in attracting these types of tenants. And above all, property investors need to evaluate if there is a demand for furnished properties in their suburb or location.

A discussion with Real Property Manager and a feasibility study will determine if furnished or unfurnished is the way to go for you.

You can read a great article on this here.


How do you select the tenant and are we informed who is selected?

Tenant identification verified and tenant data base check done (including bankruptcy, court orders and visa status):

Free of charge

  • Our philosophy on tenant selection is simple: "Better a vacant property than a bad tenant in your property"
  • Tenant selection is crucial to the performance of your property. We will never rush or be pressured into choosing just any tenant for the sake of just letting it and earning a fee. We choose tenants carefully.
  • A strict selection and criteria process is followed via our online application process including 100 point ID check, salary v expense analysis, rental history background, employment and tax return documentation, tenancy database check and, of course, good old sense of personal judgment that only a wealth of experience can bring.
  • We use the best tenant database checking system called Equifax (formally VEDA)  that not only does a tenancy default check but also a full credit and bankruptcy check up including verifying identification via 22 government agencies.
  • You make the final decision on who you want as your tenant after after our due diligence process.


How often, and how are property condition inspections conducted?

Periodic property inspections are carried out internally (strata) or externally/internally (houses) every 12 months with the first inspection after an initial 3 month tenancy with a full written report, plus photos and video (on demand or required). The report can be forwarded to you in hard copy or better still available to view via our online landlord portal. You will be given access to your portal once you are our client and an alert will be emailed to you once the report is ready to be viewed. A rent review is also carried out at the same time as well as the tenancy agreement renewal instructions 60 days before expiry of the current agreement. Of course entry and exit condition reports are completed on top of the annual routine inspection to determine the tenant's rental bond settlement.


How and when do I receive my rent statements ?

Your rental statement (income v expenditure) as well as your rental funds are disbursed to you on the last day of each month. The most efficient and quickest way to receive your rental funds are by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and your statement by email. For those owners who pay their mortgages fortnightly or need quicker access to cash flow, mid-month payments can be arranged. A full financial statement is emailed to you at the end of the financial year.


Do I have access to an online landlord portal?

At Real Property Manager we use the latest in property management software technology to deliver you the best customer experience. As our client you will have access to an online landlord portal that will give you 24/7 access to your historical statements, inspections reports, tenancy documents and scanned invoices. For a demo please visit


What happens if I decide to sell my property?

Real Property Manager has partnerships in place with the best selling agents in Sydney. These are a combination of both well known independent and franchise branded agents that excel in the market place. Should you decide you wish to sell your investment property we can assist you by introducing you to our preferred selling agent partners we like and trust to market your property. Our initial consultation with you will explain the procedure involved and due to the fact we already have a relationship with your tenant we will make sure they are well informed and that their rights and your rights are adhered to. Depending on the type of property and the appeal to either investor or owner occupier you may decide to sell the property with vacant possession. As such we would be involved in the winding up of the tenancy in preparation of going to market for sale. There is no fee payable by you to Real Property Manager should you decide to sell your investment and no penalty fees.


What are my property tax obligations and record keeping?

If you're a first time investor or already own a rental property that you receive an income from you should familiarise yourself with the basics about your legal deductions (from your taxable income) of expenses relating to the owning and operating a rental property. And there are lots of them!

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has terrific information and a video series about tax,claims and deductions.


You can also download The ATO Rental Property Guide


Do you offer a service guarantee?

Yes we do .Does your current agency offer a guarantee for their services? In most cases this is unlikely. At Real Property Manager if we stuff up in any way, we pay! If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason we want to know about it to resolve your issue. If you are still not happy with the outcome we will refund 1 month's management fees. No questions asked. Our management agency agreements do not lock you in for lengthy periods of time an you can opt out with 30 days notice. If we feel that you are not cooperating in line with our standards of practice, the management agreement or legislative requirements we can cancel the management agreement with 30 days notice or immediately if there is a serious breach on your part.


How do I switch agents or appoint you as my agent?

The process is actually very straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Look at your current management agreement and find out the notice period required to serve on your current agent. Normally this can be anywhere from 30-90 days time period. If your property is vacant, immediate notice can be served. If things are really bad between you and your current agent and you wish for your property to be switched immediately, there is a way out sooner and it will not cost you a cent to switch. Talk to us how.
  • Contact Real Property Manager who will make arrangement to serve notice on your current property manager.
  • Enter a new management agreement with Real Property Manager and discuss your expectations and instructions. We work only on exclusive management agreements with no lock-in period.
  • We'll handle the rest of the transition. You can put your feet up and relax.
  • Landlords who are self-managing or appointing a property manager for the first time can reach us on or use the contact form below.


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