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John Gilmovich is the founder, director & senior property manager of Real Property Manager - A boutique independent Sydney based mobile agency with a purpose to provide exceptional property management service to the Sydney property investor community above and beyond others backed by 23 year consecutive years of  real estate industry experience.The aim is delivering old school customer service but using the latest property management technology available in the market place to deliver great outcomes to both landlords & tenants alike.

John is a property investor and understands the care, attention & mindset required to meet the expectations of his clients. A real problem solver in an industry that demands a quick response time, innovative cost effective management solutions, ongoing property safety compliance needs, understanding of the ever expanding legal requirements of tenancies,Real Property Manager delivers expert level service backed by decades of experience. 

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John's impressive career highlights include:

Current president of the Property Owners Association of NSW and also an executive committee member of the property management chapter of the Real Estate Institute of NSW. John is approached regularly by the media and government departments to give his opinion about proposed legislative changes that may affect property owners.He has been involved in lobbying & drafting of regulation in NSW with a goal of keeping a well balanced playing field between property investors and their tenants.

John is very passionate about lobbying for fairness and equality in legislation, defining and setting higher standards for the industry and has made several submissions to government departments on matters such as residential tenancies, strata, retail and the building and construction sectors.He adheres to the highest standards of professional practice in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Real Estate Institute of NSW & Office of Fair Trading guidelines for real estate agency business.

Recipient of numerous agency awards including leasing, business development & property management within several large franchise groups & former team leader in Australia's first ever publicly listed property management company.

Former state and national property management consultant and skills trainer to the largest real estate franchise group in Australasia, with experience in the challenges of start up through to large scale business operations.

John enjoys the rapidly evolving technology that has entered the property management industry and has been approached on numerous occasions by companies to consult on new and innovative service applications that provide more efficiency and streamlines processes for property managers,tenants,tradespeople and landlords.He focuses strongly on building relationships within the property industry with the end result of delivering exceptional service & value to his clients. 

Married with two children and living in the inner west, John likes to get involved in the spirit of community's and uses his auctioneer skills to raise funds for charity organisations.

One of the few real experts in Sydney's property management space, John welcomes your inquiry.

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John Gilmovich